You want many coins?

Just put this little Dogecoin Donate Button at your website and you will get a lot of tip.

The dogecoin button can be added to your website by copying and pasting the code snippet at the left. You only have to replace our address by your own one. All donations show up as soon as they are confirmed. It is free and easy to install!

Try It Now:

The donation will show up after it is confirmed which may take some minutes. You might have to refresh the page.
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Many Features and more Dogets

Plug and Play installation: You only have to put the code snippet at the location where you want the button to show up and it will be there.

SSL Encryption (HTTPS): We are proud to provide the first Dogecoin Donation Button with support of SSL encryption. No compromises - get the best widget for your site!

Display of received donations: This feature can be turned off when not needed.

More cool Dogets: More cool dogecoin widgets for your website will be available soon here. So just keep following us. Try also our portable linux wallet!

QR Code for Smartphones to make donating even easier.

If you want to host the widget yourself on your server you can download the Source Code here: Download!

Wow! Want to get this?

  • Just display the code snippet for the donation button by pressing "Get it now!" and copy and paste it to your page. Make sure to update the address to your own dogecoin address in order to be able to receive your donations
  • If you want to hide your balance change counter "count" to counter: "hide"
  • The QR code can be removed by changing qrcode: true to qrcode: false
  • Thats it. Enjoy this dogecoin donate button and the tip!
  • Any questions or suggestions? Just contact us...